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A user can search for a single category or all of them at the same time to narrow the search. The search function is set up as “contains” the information, so I would recommend using the smallest amount of data in the text box (ex: Philip instead of Philip II of France, Ann instead of Anna or Anne) to make sure a match doesn’t slip through.


  • I have included categories such as name, century, parents, partner, etc.
  • The “associated locations” are reduced to large geographic regions, including:
    • British Isles
    • Scandinavia
    • France
    • Low Countries
    • “Germania”
    • Italy
    • Iberia
    • Eastern Europe
    • Asia Minor.
  • I have also included a way to search for whether or not a woman was part of what I term a “maternal mortality cluster.” One can click “yes” for “relative died in childbirth,” and then either use those results or simultaneously click mother, sister, daughter, etc.
    • A cluster will have at least the two linked people, but it may include up to four. For “Relative Died in Childbirth, Other”, this is a category that includes stepmothers, husbands’ other wives, and grandmothers. You’ll be able to see the specifics when you work with the results.

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